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About Christine

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My Approach & Interests

My style is authentic, compassionate, and intuitive. My approach is holistic, sex positive and integrative. I combine evidence-based treatment with mindfulness, energy work and other complementary modalities.

I offer a safe place for those seeking gender affirming care. I support and educate parents of trans and non-binary youth. I am passionate about empowering clients to design and live magical lives- no more simply existing. Many of my clients are college students, new moms, and senior professionals- all struggling with their own version of imposter syndrome.

The magic of life often happens when we step outside our comfort zone. Perhaps therapy feels outside your comfort zone...let's give it a try together.

My Clients

You may not feel supported or understood by the mainstream collective. As you consider traditional societal standards you feel criticized, undervalued and maybe wonder where the heck you fit in. What if you had permission to not only accept but embrace ALL of the unique parts of yourself? Imagine celebrating the fact that you are simultaneously both Flawed and Fabulous! Radical self-love is not a myth, and once you experience this will not be willing to give it up!

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If you are in crisis:

Dial 988
for The National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

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